The Batch Studio is..

Commercially viable but has stand-out individualism.


Delivering personality.

Consistently innovative & current.

Never run of the mill or an imitation.

Everything you see is 100% hand-crafted original.



TheBatchStudio is the moniker and home for the creative outputs of Harvey Coxell. Founded with the first T-shirt in the year 2000, established with the launch of a freelance career in 2007, continually exploring and evolving into a multi-faceted, versatile entity.

As a contrast to it’s name and a mass-produced industry, where design is often mediocre; the approach from TheBatchStudio is a one off, individually tailored solution, specific to the brief and client. Each one sparked with a personal hint of mischievousness or depth, or thoughtful, provoking Batch handwriting. It’s intelligent design with a cheeky wry grin.

The addition of ‘Studio’ is to encapsulate the creative, focused, hands-on approach, and add a dynamic to hold all areas and talents within. Even though there is one man, there are many different workers running around crafting their own gems inside.



Currently working mainly within the fashion industry, TheBatchStudio delivers dynamic ideas from ground-on-up companies to huge global brands across identity, design, branding, advertising and illustration. Achieving success through multiple styles and versatility based on in-depth knowledge and experience throughout the complete process of trend analysis to design to manufacture.



To stay fresh in the digital age and especially in the fashion market, constant evolution is necessary through a cross pollination of aesthetics and processes. In addition to referencing a wide range of influences and thorough research.

Working in an environment where pressure and time is paramount, TheBatchStudio keeps the creative process alive with a passion to push boundaries and deliver more risky solutions, but remain open-minded and focused on the end goal.



With a base both in London and in the French Alpes and working from a Mac-on-a-bike TheBatchStudio is truly peripatetic and fully flexible. The only limit is hours in the day! Has laptop, can work, will travel.

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